Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dentist Day

Today was Matthew's very first dentist appointment. He was very excited about the entire adventure especially because he was able to witness three of his siblings have their appointments right before his. Yes, I took four kids to the dentist at 8:30 AM. God Bless the dentist and his staff because we made a ruckus...or two. Right before Matthew was about to get the Panel of his teeth I told him it was like a huge camera. "That's not a camera" I told him it was like a camera... After she was done he looked me square in the eye, "See it's not a camera."
In all honesty, Matthew was such a great patient! Our dentist, Dr. Adam Grant is totally the coolest guy and has such a good time razzing the kids while easing them of any dental fears. With camera in hand, I informed him I needed a picture and he swooped right on in at the perfect lounging angle to match how Matthew was laying in his chair!

Way to go Matthew: No Cavities!

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  1. What a brave kid! Kids his age are usually afraid of going to the dentist. Look at him! He still managed to smile for the camera. I could tell he enjoyed the dental activity he had. Visiting a dentist at a young age is a good practice for children to keep their fears away. Let them get used to visiting the dentist regularly. It would save you from a lot of stress as they grow older. :)

    Gunilla Cameron