Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zoo Day

AHHH: the field trip that I try and avoid. The dreaded zoo field trip. I woke with an achy back, a minor migraine, a low grade fever and I am sure it was a psycho-semantic because truth be reminded: I did not want to go to the zoo. But Jenna picked me to go and so as the good mom-I went.

AHHHHHHHHH: the dreaded bus drive to the zoo. This was nearly worse than the entire concept of walking around the normally crowded and hot hot hot day at the zoo while chaperoning a half dozen kids scattering like ants. My lord, a bus driver I could never be....just sayen'!

I only chaperoned Jenna and another little girl--NOT BAD! And we were with three other small groups--again, NOT BAD! Whooooooooo hoooooooo! Except Jenna wanted to be the leader
child while Zariah wanted to hang out towards
the back. It was like watching a tennis match
keeping my eyes on the two guests of the zoo.

There were tons of photos of the animals and Jenna chose these to share on my blog. She called them the Kissing Giraffe & the Laughing Giraffe!

Which is funny because when she was a baby, her Auntie Jenniffer would call her Jenna Giraffe.

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