Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Am Very Clever

Today my youngest daughter, Jenna was the lead character in The Spider Stories. Her class was performing a Reading Theater and she was totally fitting in the part of a spider that gets to proclaim "I am very clever". She is a second grader whose attitude and spirit overtakes her size! She is small but mighty and has wit beyond her little years. She might actually end up as a comedian in some dark hide-away of a comedy shop. If you ask her what her favorite color is, she will proudly beam that it is "black" then quickly remind me that she is waiting for me to paint a mural of a skeleton on her wall. Doesn't she know that she is seven years old and that she should like butterflies and pink or purple?! Oh wait, she wants the skeleton to be painted purple. I guess I will add that request to tomorrow's To-Do list...But for today, my Jenna is a Spider. A clever little spider in a pink shirt.

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