Saturday, January 23, 2010


Tree company ownership...It can be a blessing and a curse to be self employed. As you can imagine I do not climb the trees, or cut them, or trim or..or...or..... Today was a busy day with all sorts of mishaps with the bucket truck. However, before the drama I decided to share how hard Eric works. He is a good man. A very dedicated man. He is an extremely hard worker and will do anything for a friend or family member. And I guess, most importantly, he will do anything for his children. I need to remember to thank him more often. I often debate which is more difficult for me to do: say thank you or say I am sorry. (That might be a debate for a whole nutha' day and whole nutha' blog!) But for this one teensy moment, I will share my gratefulness to anyone who is kind enough to read this blog. In these photos you see him in a tree that stands tall and quite dead. Within a few hours it was down and completely removed never to be thought of again.

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  1. I read it and know that you are grateful even when some days you don't feel like it! :) Those green shirts really stand out. They're great!