Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lost In An Orchard

I will admit, I was not lost in the orchard. I actually stood on the side of a busy road as two diesel trucks and one minivan sped past me. This almond (or so I think) orchard stands more than fifty acres just a few miles from my home. I have driven passed it a bajillion times over the past 5 years. I have often thought to myself "what a great photo those trees would be" and today I finally stopped the car and proved my thoughts right! I love the dormant trees as they make a forceful black and white statement in contrast against the manicured grass and dirt rows. The view from the road was fantastic, but I will not be entering the creepy orchard in fear that I may in fact get lost.


  1. Wow Kristi, that is a great pic. I would love to see that orchard when those trees are all big & green.

  2. Thank you guys. Mary, I totally intend to hit that exact orchard when it is green, in full bloom, and then again as they are full of fruit! Should be a fun transition to go through at the end of the year!