Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow. Cold. Nuf' Said.

Today's snow adventure. I have set my mind to sharing only two pictures & what a task it was to choose! Not because my superdeeduperty photographer skills were in top form today, but because there were literally over one hundred shots of children flying on disks, adults rescuing children from the recent and fluffy *11 feet* of snow, and dozens of smiles & gasps from a wonderful day at Shaver Lake, CA. This being said: I Hate Snow. I mean it. It is cold, it is blinding to the eye, and did I mention it is cold?! I hate being cold. But Eric and Jenniffer made sure I was bundled in top snow attire in hopes that I would whine less and enjoy my first snow trip in over five years. I chose this picture of Matthew because it was in fact, his first ever trip to the snow. He loved it. He walked in it, got stuck in it, ate it, and has already asked a half a dozen times to go back. I hope his father takes him before he is ten, because his momma still hates snow and who knows when I shall return! But seeing my Matthew's joy made it totally worth the trip! The next picture was of the lake on our way home. I found it breathtaking and it made the reason for the drive a very close second! I honestly might make it my Christmas picture for next year? What do you think?


  1. beautiful, beautiful pictures. wow. and I hear you. i have lived in Wisconsin all my life and I hate snow with a passion.

  2. Thank you Karri....glad to know it is not just ME! lol

  3. Great pics! I can only imagine all the fun pics you had to choose from. Since in TX we get minimal snow I like it but my hubby who lived in Colorado & Utah thinks that I would hate it if I had to deal w/it all the time.