Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Oh what a beautiful day! I felt incredibly inspired to take pictures today! Beauty is always right around us. The key is to have the camera in hand to catch the moments as they sneak upon you. Or in today's case: Plan it out!
I wanted to attempt a shoot outside in natural light and found it a challenge to work around the shadows... and a seven year old who decided she wanted to stare at the clouds more than at the camera.
The Homework was to implement pink
into the pictures and we nearly
forgot as Jenna wanted to hold
daisies. As we know, daisies are
yellow. And my homework was
PINK! I decided to share a few
of each.
Here is Miss Jenna Marie in her favorite shoes.... (yes, of course they are black) If you look real hard, there is a bright pink daisy hair clip from Miss Gwen which means I completed my homework requirement of PINK!


  1. The last picture is stunning and is well deserving of a frame!

  2. Thank you Leeanna, I totally intend to!!