Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Boys

Although I did not get to post my pictures yesterday, I DID make sure I took a few! I am finding it more of a challenge to post ONLY ONE photo! lol The only time I even made it out of the house was to pic up my son Connor from soccer. Let me introduce my boys! My youngest son is Matthew. He turned 3 in June and is quite a card. He is quickly beginning to love taking pictures and as I sat sick as could be in the car waiting for Connor, he took about thirty pictures of himself, the floor, the cars driving by and a pretty cool one of the hazy day.
My oldest son is Connor, he is going to turn 13 next month. Last year one of his best friends pointed out how often I refer to him as Son. As Matthew was playing with my camera he began polly-parroting me as he looked out the window at his brother..."Son! Where are you Son? I want to take your picture Son!" I TOLD you he was a card! When I told Connor to smile for the camera, he wryly commented on how crazy I was for taking so many pictures lately. Hush Son...and smile for your momma!

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  1. Cute, cute kids you have there! I love your daughter's black Converse w/her pretty dress :o)