Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

This morning Matthew was my main man in the kitchen. Together we baked blueberry muffins to take to the Koffee Klatch. Usually we buy a breakfast treat to share with my Koffee friends and Matthews bestest play buddy, Emily. But not today. Today was special for Mommy and Matthew: We Baked!

Note the box. Yes, it was a prepackaged mix, but technically I strained the blueberries from the can. So overall, my son enjoyed a total "baking experience"! His favorite part was stirring the berries. And the only mess was when the powder POOFED across his lap because I squeezed the bag too fast due to my ah-ha moment about stopping to capture THIS moment for my blog. With his jaw dropped in shock my little helper pointed out that I was the one who made the mess and asked for some "manners" I apologized.
(Then I ran to grab my camera)

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