Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kids Day 2010

Fairmont Elementary played a huge part in the success of Kids Day. What is Kids Day you non-locals ask: "Since its beginning in 1988, the Kids Day campaign has raised more than $3.75 million for Children’s Hospital. Each year The Fresno Bee donates the proceeds of the Kids Day edition to help support care for kids at Children’s. Kids Day is a joint project between The Fresno Bee, ABC 30 and Children’s Hospital." This year more than 5,000 volunteers helped to raise $427,000 by selling the $1 newspapers (Well this is the dollar amount so far!!)

My contribution was having three teen aged boys stay over with Connor and we headed out by 5AM to get a great location to sell papers. It was COLD (and we know how much I hate to be cold!) The Boys had a great time; I huddled under a blanket for most of it. Great supervision, I know....but it was sooooooooooooo cold! Overall, Sanger collected almost $8000.00 and our elementary played a huge role in the success: just over $2500.00

In the picture with Connor, Mr. Jeff Dailey and one of the buddies, Cooper Short.

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