Monday, March 8, 2010

Text Book

My name is Kristi and I have an addiction: Education.

I hate being a student, but in a strange way I love it. It keeps my head in the game and on top of important skills such as writing, organization, time management and the list goes on and on. I decided to share a picture of my textbook. I am currently going to school through Keller Graduate School of Management to obtain a Grad Certificate in Educational Technology. Not only do I love taking classes, but I love working in education. I am not currently working and I miss it terribly. I miss having the students call me Mrs. C; motivating them to continue in their education; teaching them about scholarships; having friends around me who see the thrill of of a students self-confidence as they obtain their college degree; the smell of dry erase pens.....

I admit. Some people do not think education is as important as I do. Last night I had a dream (or rather, a nightmare!) that I was taking the toughest written final of my educational career... and I failed. The teacher failed ME and as a result I was given a "C" in my class. In the real world this would devastate me. I would cry. And I mean literally cry. The very first thing I stated when I woke up was that I had a nightmare about failing a class. Luckily I know I have an A but it still was a bad way to start the day!

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