Saturday, March 27, 2010

Knee Socks n' Smiles

Haylee is going to be 15 on April 1st. My oh my do the jokes come because of the "date" of her birth. She is not going to be here on her actual birthday, so last night she had some of her best girlie friends over.

The Plan: girls to wear knee socks, go to Cal Skate, sleep inside trailer, watch scary movies all night while eating tons of unhealthy garbage, eat mini-donettes for breakfast. *awwwwww.... the perfect plan for fifteen year olds!*

Added Adventures: silly pictures in the yard, dog stealing sun glasses, happy meals in the McDonalds drive-thru, teasing 11 year old boys at the skating rink as they act like "older girls", watching Haylee dance with the Red-Box machine outside of a 7-11, and a bonfire outside the trailer.

It's 11AM the next morning and besides tons of consumption of eggs, bacon, and donnettes ----the girls are still in the trailer.

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