Monday, March 1, 2010

Peaceful Night

Let me start by confessing that I have already posted today. But my habits are addictive by nature and this blog is not excluded. So here I am again and apparently so are you!

Tonight Jessica packed her little Saturn with all her clothes, shoes and a mini fridge. She is ready to move to Temecula, CA with her good friend. School, growing up, and experiencing life is a mere few hours away for her. Her last chosen meal: my fabulous tacos...and she is ready to go. Moments before we are walking my oldest baby to her car, my youngest baby Matthew runs in yelling about how the sky is on fire! Did I run to shelter my children? No. Did I grab a bucket of water? No. Let's face know what I did: I grabbed my camera. I have no regrets because my son found a gorgeous sunset which he could only describe as fire. I realize that from a photographers perspective there are many obstructions when dissecting this sunset photo. But capturing a moment on film that was magnificent in my three-year-old's eyes makes it a priceless memory.

Especially on a night where I watched my first baby bird fly away from the nest.

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