Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

I never play jokes on this. day. I know many people do. But it is my daughter, Haylee's birthday and I just want it to be about her and not some practical prank! However, this year she is not with me so I do not have a photo to add of her today (enter sad face here).

Instead-- Jenna, Matthew, and I went to our friends', The Pallesi's household. We baked a million cookies, plastered them with frosting and sprinkles fitting for a sugar addict; colored a few dozen Easter eggs with only a quarter of them cracked or eaten by the end of the day; and painted little ceramic animals (and one small area of the rug because Matthews fell under the table). *sorry Yolanda, I forgot to tell you but I wiped it the best I could lol*

WHEW~this momma is tired. Thank you so much Yolanda -- for making me be a good momma on a day where I'd rather have stayed curled up in bed.

This is obviously a photo of eggs. You can see one the eggs belong to "Erin'" Pallesi cause it is the only one with a name. The writing unbalances my picture--THANNNNKS Erin! *smile* I played with the hues in all sorts of ways because the colors of the eggs were too bright. I guess that is what the box meant by "Neon"?

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