Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Dew It

Another morning....

Some days ya just got dew whatcha gotta do. Today I have to take a final. Which means computers, books, post-its, pens and *sadly* total concentration. I am lacking the later as one can tell since I am blogging. I thought I would present my photo of the day as my first homework assignment, but foremost as a self inspiration. In my current class we learned of wiki's and blogs. I have to ask my self (as provoked by this particular course) what is the purpose of my blog. The "desired" purpose in fact. Is it for others to view and support me? or am I wanting to show off my pretty photos? (that sounded so snotty and totally not the intent of the blog!) or the final option in my eyes is that I blog for me. A total get away to a little island in my own mind. My desired purpose is to complete a goal of 365 days doing something I love and sharing it with those who care enough to peek in when time permits.
Speaking of time... I have a course final to attack. Have a great day!

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