Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Is Inspiration?

I have seen the definition in the dictionary. I have felt it from viewing pictures and hearing stories from others.

What does Inspiration mean to you? Where do you find it?

Many people assume that I need inspiration to be able to take a photograph. But it is actually the opposite: The photograph actually creates the inspiration inside of me.

What do you see when you look at the photograph of this old house? Does it evoke an emotion? For me I sense history and a story: Who lived here? Why did they leave?

I decided to share this photo and ask each person in my household what emotion they felt when they looked at it.

Adult male: "it's confusing, why would there be new doors and awnings on an old place?" Really?! is this a man thing?! *next*
15 yr. old girl: "its a cafe" Plain and simple, just a shrug of the shoulder, no emotion. Maybe this is a teenaged girl thing?! *next*
13 yr. old boy: "its a bad house" and "it makes me feel sad" Very surprising that he saw such negativity in the old place. His face really looked perplexed as if he was waiting for something more? I should have asked him but I was already yelling for my next guinea pig....*next*
7 yr. old girl: "its an old house" I asked her it she felt an emotion: No. Do you know what an emotion is?: Yes, like happy or sad. (blank stare from me indicating I wanted to know if she had an emotional response) She smiled this huge toothy grin: I don't feel happy or sad. *groan*next*
3 yr. old boy: "ohhhhhhhhhhh I like it!" I am thinking "finally" someone in this house has an artist eye! I am feeling so proud!!! Then he burst my bubble by saying he likes how the house is "all covered in mud" *sigh, he is soooo three years old & all boy*

I am all out of guinea pigs....and not a single one of them mentioned the little purple row of flowers. I honestly don't even think they noticed them. I thought they made this old place inviting enough that I pulled over on the side of the road to take a picture of Inspiration.


  1. Makes you stop and wonder what the inside is like. Are they rehabbing it? Reminds me a little of all the homes we saw in New Orleans.

  2. Kristi, I have been enjoying your blog for weeks now...I love your thoughts on Inspiration....I agree...I am inspired through art, not the other way around ... Thank you for sharing your Passion.....I gain Inspiration through You!

  3. Karri, you are the second person to share the New Orleans thought with me. I agree, it makes me stop and wonder too....

    Tammy, thank you for letting me know that you enjoy my blog. It means alot to me... Inspiration is easily passed from one to another. Trust me, it goes both ways....