Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Art Of Crop

I was scanning an awesome article from the magazine, Outdoor Photography just a few days ago. Only today did I realize that I was actually reading a "lesson" on the magic of cropping a photo. I decided to follow the same concept as the article discussed which is basically taking one photo but making two or more photos from the original.

Original Photo: Such a non adventurous day for this photo experiment. I noticed this view from my home office window. The screen prevented a clear shot so I left my seat and stood literally outside the office window to try my best to get the same shot.__________________________________________________
First Crop: After selecting lower middle section of the tree and clouds I created a dramatic crop. This created more of an emphasis on the clouds verses the entire tree. It also gives the illusion that the color of the sky has changed; but it was not altered from the original.
Second Crop:
For the final crop I chose to make the photo a landscape scene, removing much of the upper and lower sections of the original photo. I think this adds a nice touch and feels more dramatic. However just like the other two versions, the tree (branches) frames the photograph giving more of three dimension element.

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