Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Momma Mollie

1:23 AM and Haylee wakes me and says Mollie is crying like crazy. My little Mollie is in labor. I have never been around to see/hear a cat have kittens before and none of the Googling or YouTubing prepared me for the next five and a half hours. Mollie was so clingy even trying to follow me out of the room at one point.

Her first kitten was still born which lead me into a frantic because I had no idea what to do. Mollie was confused and Haylee was in shock. Before we knew it Guido the fattest little black kitten was born; then came a skinny greyish kitten who couldnt figure out if he need to nurse on an ear, tail or its sibling--his name is yet to be determined, were thinking GPS might be appropriate. Third came along Gramps with the whitest little beard and black and white striped socks...the only one to look like Mollie. A few minutes later and a yet to be named black kitty joined the group of four. (total last kid syndrome, isn't it though!?!?!* We have no idea what the sex of the kittens are but so far we've had fun with the names. Everyone says I am a grama. Har. Seriously, I was so involved (don't ask me how horrific it was to "remove" the last two kittens) *shudder* But a grama's gotta do what a grama's gotta do, right? One day I will be an Ava to my my own children's babies.... I cannot imagine the joy THAT will bring me because I am so excited about these four teeny kitties. And so proud of my Mollie.

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