Friday, April 9, 2010

From Here to There

Homework. I always have homework.

Occasionally we create a homework assignment for 365. This weekend is a "flower assignment" to capture spring. I also have homework for my Learning Communities and the Internet course for KGSM in which we are working on using blogs as teaching tools.

TODAY I get to combine the two...which sadly has turned out to be the highlight of my day.

When I stand behind my camera, my goal is to capture a "moment". Sometimes you see the picture in your mind and the perfection of the vision is blissful! Then you look at the screen on your camera and the photo is just a photo verses a "moment".
The flower assignment was easy as I am surrounded by blossoms in my yard These vibrant purple wild flowers creep every which way throughout the fence surrounding the pond. As I approached, the hum of the bees made me cautious and my objective to capture a shot of a hovering bee was clear. I love how I caught him mid-flight. He was doing his job and he helped me succeed at mine.

The second shot is an expression to share the Here and There concept. This is virtually the same photo. Amazing what a zoom lens can do. It totally changes the environment. It totally changes the memory.

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