Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do You Want To Play A Game?

Remember the old days as a child, sprawled across the living room floor with a board game? Okay, I admit we do that occasionally now too, but times have sure changed! This photo has Matthew in midst of a very serious game of Memory---on a cell phone. Technically this boy is pretty advanced and will play cell games for hours on end if I allowed such. Which of course I never do...unless were at the doctors or on a long drive or if he is driving me nuts at a restaurant or... okay, I surrender that argument.

I know I have bought the mini cardboard games of Memory. But in a blink of an eye we are missing a square here and a square there and before we know it, Memory has turned more into a game of Hide and Go Seek out the missing pieces. I will stick with the cell phone, because in addition to his memory skills it is helping his hand eye coordination. (I think all parents say something like this at one time or another while defending something :)

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