Saturday, May 1, 2010


I had the pleasure to be part of a State PTA Conference in Sacramento for four days. I spent a wonderful MANY hours with the 11th District PTA: *in order below* Michelle Barnett, Kerri Lacy, Tiny (this would be the nickname given to me by Mz. Lacy), Ashli Russell, Deb Johnson, and our wonderful Madam President Tammy Wolfe. Four days of legislation, classes, laughter, maybe a tear or two. Please don't ask about the near collision with the tram, or the motorcycle or the curb...just glad I wasn't driving! *grin*
Of course I was taking pictures of random items for my blog too.... the first one.

This is where we sat our butts....for many many hours. And where we drank tons of Starbucks over those many many hours!

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