Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grand Parents Day

Today was a special day for grandparents at our K-8th school. My friend Yolanda and I nicely roped in so many wonderful helpers that our two man team turned into a HUGE team of wonderful women (thanks to all of you!)!!! Here is one of my favorite photos that shows how large the crowd was. We had over 170 grandparents *which is monstrous for a small country school like ours!* --This was more than double than the school has had in the past! Mind you, this did not count all the grandchildren!!! The luau theme just made it a blast and confirmed that woman can multi-task like no other creature on this earth! Somewhere in that crows is Jenna and both of her Poppa's...and Matthew, too! (just don't ask me where Matthew was...I am sure he was doing the hula with his best buddy, Emily!)

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