Monday, May 24, 2010


Wow the kittens are really getting big fast; yet they still seem so small and sweet. To give a little size comparison look for the penny to the right of the kittens. Mollie is finally letting the roam the house which of course is cute and annoying. It is sad that all of the kittens have received names, because there is no doubt in my mind---there will soon be a Free Kittens sign posted somewhere.

The names are: Guido (who has the big rear-end like an Italian man who has eaten way too much pasta--sad I know, but since I am Italian I guess it kinda flies?!?!?), Screech (seriously this is the most cry-cry kitten I have ever heard), Yoda (I have no idea, Haylee thought it was adorable...nuf' said!) and the little striped one who we orginally named Old Man. Then we realized he was a she so Matthew named her Grama. Haylee informed him the kitten needed "a little baby name"... so he renamed her Little Grama. *ha* She will be the kitten that stays with us.

Little Grama. Wow! that is about the oddest name for a cat. Can you imagine me yelling for her in the yard? "Little Graaaaaaaaaaaaaama! Little Gramaaaaaaaaaaa! Where are you Grama!" The neighbors will call the police on us for sure.

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