Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jenna & Megan

Jenna is five days older than Megan.
Megan is easily five inches taller than Jenna.
Their moms met and built a friendship while experiencing pregnancy and the aches and joys of those months. It has been wonderful to see the two girls grow over the years - via email and FaceBook. The last time the girls saw one other they were toddlers fighting over cheerios. As I look at them now, I see two beautiful little young girls just a few months shy of being 7 years old. They had a wonderful weekend playing together. They are looking forward to writing letters to one another too!

This photo of Jenna just thrilled me. I know the exposure is not perfect but the photo shares pure joy. This photo expresses innocence. Her eyes are bright and free with laughter and yet somehow, she attempts to hide her grand smile and happiness behind a little piece of tulle.
I hope this is how I always remember Jenna as a child.

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