Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fence vs. Tree

Dog-Window-Syndrome: This is my new terminology. And quite possibly one of my favorites---at this time.
If you have been following my blog, you fully understand what this means. If you have not been following then please pause and please listen as my tears fall to my keyboard...*listen carefully, my friend, for I am crying*

Now that you are a full-fledged follower, Let's discuss this photo! The concept of this photo was very clear in my mind when dangling my camera out of the car window. My mind raced as I thought of the contrast of the "scene" that we were about to pass!
Squares: old and rusty but perfect in shape; Limbs: abstract in its own mindless direction - challenging the perfection of the squares behind it; Greenery & smaller white fence: just perfectly adding enough color in the background to make the rusty metal stand forward, challenging that darn tree for his rightful attention. Really that fence was so fetching cool.

Yes, I swear this is what my mind was thinking traveling at 35 miles an hour down a city street. No, I was not driving, Dog-Window-Syndrome, remember?

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