Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old Eyes on Old Glory

It was absolutely marvelous to drive through the countryside with another lover of photography! I am used to driving and thinking how wonderful a scene would be, but being alone in this little photographer frame of mind. Not this weekend! It was so awesome to have Lisa asking me to stop at many of the exact places that I either have or have wanted to over the last few months!
This is the little country store in Minkle, CA. The town is about as big as a skeeters backside. However, this is one of several buildings that represented charm to no avail! This is the first time I had used a program to remove all color except for the significant part of the photo that I wanted to emphasize-- the American Flag.


  1. what a truly awesome building!

  2. Karri, thank really has so much charm and I've wanted to snap a pic of it for a long time! Lisa and I did this weekend!