Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Stop thinking that you have discovered a typo in my title. How dare you!

Bee* was not a typo, but a clever way of introducing you to my photo! I have taken pictures of bees before. Actually it was more like bee...singular. But this was the first time I decided to sneak around a honey bee box! I realize that they were hard at work, but in a strange way so was I....I needed a picture for my blog! However, this is one of the few times I truly understood the value of changing my lens to bring the bees closer within my view! When I say bees I mean hundreds of bajillions of bees buzzing their song quickly & quite closely to my head! From behind me I could hear the shrilling background song/scream " I HATE BEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!" from my little boy, safely hidden away in the car as he watched his momma run from bees.

I think he was traumatized. How do I know this?



  1. he he. I could never do that. Yikes! I've done a singular bee, but plural? i am a total bee ninny. nice result, though.

  2. A bee ninny? LMAO that is a great phrase!!

  3. Awesome pic!! You're a brave one! There is no way I'm going close to that many bees!!