Monday, February 1, 2010

Catch Up Time!

I Promise I have Been Taking Pictures, Just Not Posting! Sometimes I just feel guilty about hanging out in my office all day. So even though I have been snapping away with my camera, the photos have not made it on here to share!

Jan 29: This is just a sweet picture of Jenna who was dying to start a fire on her own. Of course she was not going to be allowed to but I she thought that if she sat there long enough that her strict ol' mom might actually give into her wishes.

Jan 30: Trees. Man oh Man, I love trees. they are so"mystically" when they are bare. Ok so I use the word "mystically" for things I usually hate like vampires, but for trees..... it is just beauty!

Jan 31: Speaking of vampires.....I think I discovered their hide out.