Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Friendys

Yes, SuperBowl can be just an excuse to hang out with friends. Meet Zulema Lopez, Mary Bream, Faline Gearhart, and once again, Jenniffer Rodriguez. Oh yes, and I am the short curly-haired one in blue. lol Jenn threw a SuperBowl party with all the fixen'.... :) There was one die hard Saints fan: Faline...she was totally out for blood. lol Bet you can't guess which one she is in the picture? Friendships....there is just no way around it!
The mural of the Fresno State Bulldog is a project Jenn's husband (Ron) has wanted for years. Jenn and I did it very recently and it ROCKS! I have been painting murals for years, but this was Jenn's first time....Let's Just Say: I think she has found a new calling in life!

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