Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Camping defined by Kristi

Oh the joys of camping... on my own side yard. First I will clarify that camping is never defined with the words "tent" but only when used with the word trailer.
Because Eric used the trailer to go out of town with his friends this past weekend it is still sitting on the side of the house thus promoting numerous requests from Jenna to go "camping". Yes, she likes to "camp" like her mother. A trailer full of kids and a DVD (yes, flat screen and DVD player also comply with my definition of "camping") and everyone settled in to watch a Disney movie. I made a half dozen bags of mini-popcorn, handed out as many kit-kats and reeses, bottles of water and gatorade all while politely being asked to move my big head as I graciously played host. Just as the last kernel in my bag of popcorn had popped, requests for seconds had begun; thus more complaints about my big head.
With some kids choosing to sleep in the house and the two noisy and youngest ones left in the trailer it was time to go to bed. The giggle-fest had begun and I knew my long night had only just begun as well. It was raining and honestly the rhythmic dancing of the raindrops over head was medicinal. However the snoring from the master bed was enough to make me stare at the ceiling all night. So I laid on my little piece of heaven (a hard couch at the other end of the trailer) and kept reminding myself that I was giving my seven year old a memory by camping out on a school night...*chanting it in my brain the pattern of the raindrops*

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