Monday, February 1, 2010

It seems that all I did today was run around. This is my life. Add in one little boy who is on day three of a fever and it somehow just crosses over into the manic category. (As a result, tomorrow morning we go to the pediatrician. (Now that is something to look forward to, right?!) At least Matthew is sporting a mohawk....and that always makes life better when you have a fever.

Then there is Jenna. sigh What is up with her today? She is having issues with spelling and I swear, if you ask her to spell anything she flips out. BUT if you ask her to smile for the get a huge dose of THIS! Cheesy emotional girl...Her dad says she is all me. Pfffft! Lord knows, I do love her so.
P.S. Is it bed time for these kids yet?!

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  1. Sweet kids you have there! I hope your little one is doing better.