Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's My Cowboy?

In search of new scenery I decided to take a right turn onto a country road. I had never taken this route before and was unsure of what I might find. At first I only spotted new homes on large country parcels; not at all what I was imaging for my photo shoot. Disappointed, I had nearly given up on this random adventure when I spotted this old waterwell surrounded by other country fixen's! I KNEW I HAD FOUND THE PERFECT PHOTO OP! Just look at this photo: an old fence, a rusty trailer, a wooden ladder and yes, even a lazy country horse. I could not have pieced this scene together any better!

Okay, truth be told I would have topped it off like a scene from Open Range with a sexy Kevin Costner kinda-cowboy with arms crossed as he leans against the fence. But that is a whole nutha' kind of dream... OH YES! and he would have been waving to the crazy lady with the camera and inviting her over to sit for a spell *sigh*

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