Monday, February 15, 2010

Sick Sweet Boy

Another day. Another fever. It amazes me how Matthew can have a temperature and still require a soft snuggley blanket. Look closely and you can see his sweet lil' sweaty tresses. I cannot wait for him to feel better. And for the day when I no longer have to give him the dreaded super-energy-medicine called tylemotrin!! (tylenol motrin combo!)

As I was about to upload his picture something very obvious in my office popped out to my eye. This is a picture that Jenna created for me several years ago. She may have been four years old?! (Had someone's dad dated it we would know at this very moment in time!) It is a drawing of Me and Jenna. I have seen other drawings... (and I mean dozenssssssssssssssssss) of drawings of her and the dog, a mermaid, a cow, or anything you can think of--but I just love this picture! Thanks Jenna Bean for your drawing!

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  1. Hope your little one is back to normal. My boys get high fevers when sick so I have to do that dreaded combo to keep it down, wish I didn't have to but when the temp reaches 103 (or more) you have to do something!