Friday, February 26, 2010

Red, Black, and White

Tonight was Connors 13th Birthday Party. Due to the crazy rainstorm a lot of the kids were unable to make it but it was still super loud and I know they had a great time!
Breakdown of things I learned today:
*It's a lot easier to remove three dozen helium balloons from a car compared to putting them in....especially when it is windy.
*Kids will eventually suck all the helium out in hopes to sound like cartoon characters. But seriously, who hasn't done this?
*Three and a half dozen hot-dogs can easily be devoured by a room full of teenagers.
*Boys dirty socks.
*Boys suck at air hockey but suck even more when "dancing" to rap underneath a strobe light.
*Boys have issues sleeping when at a sleepover; meaning they have no idea how to shut their traps until about 4 AM
*Feeding breakfast to teenage boys is like being in the lions den covered in steak. They can devour a loaf of home-made french toast, a pound and half of bacon, and nearly a gallon of apple juice then ask for the potato chips.

Ah............ everyone has gone home. Who wants to help me pick up three dozen popped balloons?

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