Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Orchard

Today was a sunny day. But the rain has been hitting the Valley off and on for weeks now. Farmers fear loss of their livelihood as the treacherous rains beat down upon their orchards. The appearance of many orchards have changed after this last storm and the trees once adorned with a fresh coat of blossoms have been stripped of their full coats.

This photo is of my orchard; you know about it by now.

The delicate white petals scattered across the ground look very lovely. As I look at this scene I daydream of a light snow flurry and I sense it's beauty. But the fact remains: I don't like snow. This is in fact, the only type of snow I may like. Sadly, the flurry of white petals on the ground actually means there is damage to the orchard and potentiality the amount of fruit.

Now I feel somewhat guilty indulging myself with this photo...but it is just so fetching pretty.

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